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Why Do My Instagram Reels Have No Sound?

Why is there no sound in an Instagram video? This is a fairly common question with which most newcomers apply to the technical support of the social network. This article will tell you why this happens and give you ways to solve the problem.

Reasons for the lack of sound in Instagram videos

Indeed, the video content in the feed of the social network, is static. This is done, as the developers assure you, in order to save user traffic. If you look from the perspective of a client of the social network, then this “chip” is quite convenient, especially if you’re watching video content in a public place (for example, a lecture) and a loud video can cause a negative attitude of the teacher, or touch “for the living” especially reverent nature, or offend the feelings of others. In general, there are a lot of options, and the developers really did you a big favor.

In addition, the video content in Instagram can be played in static mode due to the fact that your smartphone is translated into silent mode.

There is another reason that prevents the playback of videos in Instagram with audio – this is an outdated version of the application or problems with the firmware of the gadget. In such a situation, only a program update or a computer from which you can re-flash your smartphone will help. But this is a job for professionals.

Accidentally turned off, flipping through the tape

A seemingly absurd reason, but it also has a place. While scrolling through posts, you might have accidentally tapped on a video, thus turning off the sound. The smart app decided that you couldn’t watch the posts with sound right now and applied this setting to the entire feed. Fixing this “malfunction” is easy. Tap on the video again and the sound will appear.

Silent mode

Instagram listens to its users and understands that if a person turned on the “silent” mode for a reason, it’s better not to make noise, so the sound in the videos is cut off automatically. But sometimes, such a feature of the application can be a cause for a real panic.

Calmly, we will tell you how to fix it, and there are two ways:

  1. Exit silent mode. Trivial? Well, sometimes the solution is right under our noses.
  2. Open the clip, make sure the sound is on in the feed. You can read how to do this in the paragraph above. And now use the volume knob on your phone to turn up the sound. Get ready, if you had the volume at maximum, it will scream big time.

Problems with the app

Sometimes the problem may lie in the Insta app itself. After all, updates come out quite often, the developers may have miscalculated in something or something not taken into account, and you are now suffering. Solve this by updating the application again, which will be released as soon as programmers Insta find and fix the problem.

To check if there is a fresh update, open Play Market, find Insta in the list of applications, open it, and if there is an update, you will have the button “Update”. Click on it and wait for the installation to finish.

Problems with your smartphone

It also happens that the developers are not to blame, so do not curse them before time. Check whether you have a battery saving mode. In these modes, the sound is automatically turned off everywhere. So that the sound appears, when you play the video, turn off the battery saving mode.

Don’t forget that a smartphone is technology, and technology is prone to break down and malfunction. If you bathed with your phone in the shower or in the bathtub, do not be surprised that you do not have sound. I think everyone understands that technology does not particularly like moisture, and in every way rejects it (except for special models). The speaker can simply on just burn out, or rather burn out the chip, which is responsible for sound reproduction. With such a problem – you need to go to the master.

Instagram Reels Have No Sound

Ways to solve the problem

The following will be discussed in detail what you need to do if there is no sound in the videos in the Instagram feed. Check the settings:

Log into your account.

Go to your profile tab.

Go to the “Settings” tab (three vertical dots) by clicking on the corresponding button in the upper right corner.

In “Options”, select the “Video” menu item.

Move the slider next to “Sound” to the extreme right position, as shown in the picture below.

After this operation, as a rule, video clips start playing with sound accompaniment. If this method does not work, you need to check whether the volume on the gadget is turned on. This is done in the smartphone settings. The photo does not make sense because of the simplicity of the procedure and differences in OS versions.

How to enable or disable sound in the video

After the parameter setting procedure, you can adjust the level, enable or disable the sound directly in the playback mode. To turn it on you should touch the screen while playing video. Then, move the slider to select the most comfortable volume of the sound. To turn off, repeat the procedure.

Note: You can also turn on the sound in another way. To do this, use the volume key of your phone during video playback.

As you can see from the above, everything is done quickly and simply. After reading the information in this article, any social network user will be able to make the necessary settings and “give a voice to the silent video content”.